Increased from 600W to 675W (the maximum power provided by 12V-2×6 is still 600W)
Sensing line definition changes
When both Sense0 and Sense1 are in the Open state, the definition is changed from 150W to 0W.

Interface design changes
The interface senses the pin length change and changes the shell marking to H++

Suggested changes to the internal contact design of the connector wire interface
It is recommended to replace 3-Dimple with 4-Spring to be used with both 4-Spring and 3-Dimple.
Both designs meet the reliability requirements of the 12V-2×6 connector and add new design standard recommendations
Hold time
The required level of hold time is changed from 17ms @ 100% load to 12ms @ 100% load,
And add a new recommended level of 17ms @ 80% load