From 2006 (its establishment) to 2017, the company’s main products were mainly mid-to-low-end products. At the beginning of 2018, under the leadership of Chairman Zhang Mengjiao, the layout shifted to the development of the mid-to-high-end product market.

In 2019, the company successfully achieved the overall transformation, and continued to develop mid-to-high-end products, mainstream mid-to-high-end products in the market such as bronze medals, gold medals, and special power supplies. While improving the product line layout, it has also been unanimously recognized by domestic and foreign customers.

With the capital injection from the Taiwan business unit MAXPOWER (P.S.) CO., LIMITED, an overseas sales docking window has been established, which has successfully expanded our company’s stable sales channels in overseas markets.

The company introduced Mr. Pan Gaiming, a senior manager in the industry, to carry out a comprehensive reform, systematization and standardization of the company’s overall operation system. The company’s overall turnover hits record high and completed a turnover of 255 million.

Relocated to the production base in Boluo Wanyang Zhongchuang City, Huizhou, and will invest a lot of money to equip complete instruments and equipment to achieve the highest standard production automation in the industry and meet the production needs of all products.